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Ferrari Service of Bedford

Our clients say it best…

You owe it to yourself to give David a call and talk to him. He has many years of professional experience, has a state of the art shop, and I doubt anybody in the area has a more constant flow of 3x8 cars through their shop than he does. Having seen many of the cars that he's worked on, they mostly come in a mess, and all leave not only fixed but so clean you could eat off them. With David you will receive personal attention, meticulous workmanship, and unrivaled honesty and integrity.

My car…was never truly 'made right' until I brought it to David. I arrived as a customer and left as a friend.

-- Jeremy, MA
Thank you for taking care of my F355. The car yesterday and today was a really great experience. It drives really well now, the best in the 13 months that I've had the car. Thanks again!

-- Anthony, MA
David I really appreciate how you keep me updated all the time. With my other car, I would go months without hearing from anyone until I called. I am blown away that (my engine) now looks so good. I can't believe that's my engine bay! Great job...,

-- Mike, NJ
Know why you haven't heard from me in a couple of days? It's because I've been driving my "new" car!! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am with it's performance now! This really is how I expected it to handle right from the start. Corners flatter, no more wallowing....turn in feels much more crisp and precise. I'm very happy!! Oh yeah, I think I said that already!! Can't thank you enough, David!!!

-- George, NH
Thanks for everything, David. I really appreciate your meticulous approach to the work on my car. It will be great to know that you've laid hands on everything. I'll feel good about driving it as it should be driven!

-- Bill, AL
In my opinion, you would be hard pressed to find a more personable, helpful, knowledgeable, thorough, or capable service guru in the New England area. 

I initially came to know David and his work through his invaluable help in sorting out a blown motor in my 85 308 GTS. His work is absolutely meticulous, and his pricing is extremely fair for the astounding quality of the work that he performs. If you are shopping around for service, give David a call, and you will soon realize that you are dealing with a real top-notch professional.

--Kevin, NH
Pride in workmanship is a very rare trait in today's world. Your pride does show through in the work that leaves your shop..

--Ed, MA
David has been servicing my Ferraris for several years now and I couldn't be happier. Our relationship began with my 328GTS and he now maintains my F430. David has a tremendous depth of knowledge of Ferraris and also has all the necessary shop equipment and tools. But what impresses me most is his willingness to spend the time to explain the issues, explore alternatives with me and listen to my input. That's a rarity in this business.

Echoing the statements of others, you'll start out as a customer and end up as his friend."

--Eric, MA
. I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help through this project. With your help I've taken this much neglected 308 from a struggling supercar to a well sorted work of art. You as well as every vendor you sent me to provided the best of service, something that is rarely found these days, again many thanks and I'll keep you posted.

--Robert, OK
I will say I always install the highest quality components on my Ferrari. I guess that is why I appreciate the quality work David does. Uncompromising quality!

--John, MA
+1 for David!! Two thumbs WAY UP!! David has been awesome with diagnostic talent. I wouldn't hesitate to have him take care of my precious Ferrari. I also like that he sticks to factory OEM products and specifications as far as possible. To me, this shows he fully understands what the Ferrari engineers were trying to accomplish. The Ferrari folks on the East Coast are very fortunate to have such a great resource in their neighborhood.

--Bruce, CA
I'm sure I wouldn't be alone in considering his talent and skillset right on par with the Crall's, Helms's and Hughes's of the Ferrari world. We are indeed fortunate to have someone with David's expertise and personality in our area. Not to mention he actually gets out there and drives with us boys.

--Kenny, MA
I just wanted to publicly thank David (fastradio) Feinberg for recently helping me diagnose and fix a timing belt problem that I've been chasing for quite some time. 

I sent him several items that he rebuilt to a standard that my car hasn't been witness to since it left the factory- probably better than when it left the factory.

In addition to the actual work he performed, he was a consistent source of knowledge and advice, without such I could NOT have successfully completed the project.....To top it off, he's a really nice guy...with endless patience for neophyte questions.

If I lived out on the East Coast, David would certainly be my choice of service tech. He truly is a Ferrari specialist. I've said it before....the difference between a butcher and a surgeon.

Thanks again David, I can't express enough how much I appreciate your help!

--Greg, IL
My wife and I had the privilege of meeting David and his lovely wife last month when we dropped my 85 308 for some much needed TLC. You would be hard pressed to meet any more friendly and approachable people.

David has been tremendously thorough with my car and takes every opportunity to keep me updated on what he's found, explaining issues and answering all my questions. 

He is indeed (just got an e-mail update from him as I'm typing this) a Ferrari Specialist and a true gentleman and I'm very lucky he's only 115 miles from my home.

--Brian & Amanda, ME
I'll second the recommendation on Dave Feinberg up in Bedford, N.H. I had significant problems with my '85 308 Euro and he sorted it out quickly and effectively. Runs better now than in the last 10 years. He's very personable, knowledgeable, thorough, and reasonably priced. Very capable on both mechanical and electronic/electrical diagnosis and repair.

--Phil, CT
Even though I'm in the Heart of Dixie, David has been of immense help in sorting issues on my Boxer and Daytona. Good guy, even for a Yankee.

--Drew, AL
David has maintained my 89 328 GTB for the last few years and I have nothing but high praise for his work. In my humble opinion, David’s experience with 328s and Boxers is unparalleled in this area. He has the tools, the knowledge, and the patience to handle just about anything. He’s got pretty thick skin on his knuckles as well. David’s estimates are detailed in terms of time and parts needed. While he is doing the work, he provides you with as much or as little detail as you desire. If he sees something else that’s not right or needs repair he will bring it to your attention in a way that is informative and never pushy. There are simply no surprises with David. I can’t imagine trusting my car to anyone else.

--Mike, NH
I have worked with David several times and always enjoy the stories and information given. His wealth of knowledge of Ferrari's and other European vehicles is astonishing. No corners will be cut -- he treats his customers vehicles like they were his own ... and his Boxer is a piece of art!

--Kevin, NH
David F just did a major and other maintenance for me. Very pleasant experience and David took a lot of time to keep me in the loop and also to vastly improve the originality and cosmetics in the engine compartment. He's extremely meticulous and thorough. I recommend him highly.

-- Tom, MA
Here's another vote for David. Not only did he service Jay's car (which is now mine ) but he was instrumental in the whole purchase arrangement. Since then, he's helped me long-distance on a number of projects to sort out long-term and preventative maintenance needs. His prices are honest and fair, and I don't know of a better, more qualified, and experienced person in your area who I'd trust with my car. If only I could package up David and ship him out to the Northwest... He's that good.

-- Jeff, WA
David Feinberg also went over our ‘83 Mondial and gave us great insight on issues that the dealer overlooked. IMO the dealers out there believe in preventative maintenance, but not to the degree that I want. With their high overhead, they want to keep you coming back. Dave is a precision artiste, he wants your car to run its best. He has no need to have you rush back to him, since he has a steady clientele coming in for the major service regardless.

-- Mo, MA
I took the car out yesterday and it ran so well that I wanted to thank you once again. You not only do great work, but go well above and beyond for your customers.

-- David, FL